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Dedicated to grandparents adopting grandchildren of drug addicted parents
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Social Security For  Grandchildren

If you are 62 years of age make sure you call Social Security and check to find out if your grandchildren can collect benefits from yours or your spouse's social security. Chances are they can!

New Help for Children Raised by Grandparents

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Grandparents helping each other by sharing ideas on the adoption process, parenting, money matters, affordable activities, emotional support, daily living, hopes, dreams and goals.

Different Worlds

In a perfect world, grandparents shower their grandchildren with gifts of love, tell wonderful stories about family adventures, and teach them how to pass on that love, wisdom, and adventure to the next generation.

In a not so perfect world, grandparents have stepped up and given their grandchildren a home that their own child has not been able to provide for them for reasons that are almost unspeakable. 

The children don't understand why mommy and daddy never come to see them.  Maybe they get a letter once every 3 months from prison, saying how much they love them, but as the years go by, the children and grandparents know that although the parents love them, they expect they will never come back to stay in their lives and become the parents they dream of.

Yet with every letter, grandma or grandpa tells them "she does love you, she is just sick".  "She does love you, but this time when she does get out of prison, we can't see her until she goes to your counselor, and gets the help she needs to become a part of your life".  

Every letter, the grandparents cry secretly after the children have gone to bed.  They pray for her recovery.  They know it is not their fault, and yet they still have a terrible ache in their hearts every moment of every day.  They still wonder what they can do to help their daughter stop her crack/cocaine addiction.  

They know they have to protect the children from that awful day that mom will disappear again after she is released from prison for the 5th time in 13 years.  They know they have to be strong, and let go, and not open the door again next month when she does get out of prison.  It breaks their heart, but they know they have to set some kind of boundaries to keep the children from emotional disaster once again.

This is what I spend most of my day thinking about the closer it gets to the day she is released.  I cry.  I hurt.  I ache.  But then the 6 year old walks in and tells me he has to show me something.  I know I should keep working at my home-based business.  I know I need to work every minute I can just to make ends meet, but I look at his outstretched hand waiting for me to take it and see the masterpiece he just created.  I take his hand and follow him to his room.  He is beaming inside and out at the colorful picture of his brother, him, and grandma in front of their beautiful house, planting flowers in the garden.  

I take him in my arms and hold him and tell him what a beautiful picture it is.  He looks up at me with big brown eyes, and my heart pounds as my eyes swell up with tears of joy mixed with an overwhelming feeling that it should be his mom standing here instead of me.  Then I call his brother to come and look at his masterpiece.  We all hug, and I feel the bond that we have, and know I am doing the right things.

I know the joy, emotional roller-coaster, and financial hardships grandparents, some widowed or single, who are raising their grandchildren due to addiction face every day of their lives.

I hope this website will be a place where they will all come and share ideas and help develop new government financial guidelines for adoptive grandparents in order to not just help with the children's emotional and physical needs, but also be able  to live in a safe neighborhood, be able to take them on trips to ballgames or museums, and be able to allow them to join community programs that will provide a picture of what they could be, not where they were before they came to live with grandma or grandpa.

If you are thinking about adopting or have already adopted your grandchildren, you are that special person that God created with a zest for life, a compassion for human dignity, and a heart that reaches out and touches these beautiful children.

I invite you to join our forum to share your ideas, share your hopes and dreams, and from my web page, I hope you may find other ways to earn money to help give your grandchildren the life they deserve, and take some of the pressure off you while you figure out exactly what it is that you need to make everything a little easier, a little bit more fun, and definitely a little bit better for all of you.

                                     ~ Jeannie Walsh